Permission Based Marketing

About Us

PB Marketing came about to provide easy-to-use advertising and communications for small businesses.

The driving forces behind the business are Steve Bateman (creative genius, photographer, videographer and go-to guy), and David Go (a grumpy bastard who has been in the Internet Industry for too long and bends it to his will)

Unlike large media companies, we seek to make it easy for small businesses to communicate with their customers.  All to often we have seen businesses with collections of email addresses or customer contact details which have been sitting in a jar, untapped, while the business struggles to bring in business – because its was just “to hard”.

I would say we are a young team, but that would be untrue – and I would never lie to you – rather, we are a young business with an experienced team who want to see small New Zealand businesses take on the uncaring overseas corporates head on and beat them with Kiwi Ingenuity.

Most importantly though, We stand behind our services – if any of our services don’t deliver for you, we will provide a full refund – no quibbles.